Alex Feldman

Philadephia, USA

I really enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of the Cities Programme, which brings together students from design and non-design backgrounds to study cities. Coming from a background in architecture, it is refreshing to work with students from different disciplines who bring a wide range of experiences and opinions to our discussions and group projects. 

Having grown-up and attended school in the United States, the opportunity to study at LSE was a chance to extend my personal and educational boundaries to another country. Because LSE is made up of many international students, it's like studying at a world university. Being able to study cities in the centre of London has been an amazing experience for me. My programme has used London as a resource to further understand the challenges and benefits of cities. 

In addition to the benefits of studying at such a diverse school, I have had the opportunity to work at two conferences which brought together many of the leading researchers and practitioners in my field. Following my time at LSE I will be pursuing my Masters in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.


A photo of Alex Feldman, an LSE student
MSc City Design and Social Science