Adam Wu

Anaheim, California, USA

I enjoy the notion that LSE is truly an international university. I have met people from many countries and now have a place to stay on almost any of my travels!  Everyone shares a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for being here, and that is intensified by having London as our backdrop.  With so many things to do you forget you are away from home, because everything is so inviting. 

LSE has really challenged me to be an independent thinker. I've been accustomed to being given more rigid guidelines to approaching an issue, and my programme at LSE has given me the know-how to delve into each topic and come up with my own interpretation and framework. The programme is structured so that even within the same degree everyone is able to take courses that suit their particular interests. I have been able to focus on the business aspects of Global Media, while others have chosen a route emphasising media development or regulation. 

LSE has given us many connections to the professional world, and its reputation is also second to none – employers respect LSE's name and recognize that we leave the institution with marketable skills. Through one of my professors I was able to land an internship at the BBC World Trust where I worked on presentations to increase funding for radio educational shows in Nigeria. My programme is unique in that I will spend a second year studying at USC in Los Angeles, but people I have talked to about my degree have shown interest in my studies and job prospects have already started coming in!


A photo of Adam Wu, an LSE student
MSc Global Media and Communications