Adam Hyde

LSE embodies exactly what I want in an education: a practical base, a support structure geared at facilitating open study and engagement in the world, and a mentality that fosters innovation, leadership and action. LSE has focussed me, disciplined me and, most importantly, given me the confidence and ability to achieve whatever it is I set my sights on. Never have I been surrounded by so many motivated people. In the societies I have joined, in my seminars, and generally in conversation, there is the constant challenge to the status quo. The friends I have made from all parts of the world and their intelligence, capacity to achieve and compassion is constantly inspiring and motivating. The fundamental importance, intensity and quality of the subjects offered within the Department of International Development is giving me a great base and confidence to achieve all I hope to achieve in the future. It is really exciting and hopefully we can all make some positive contribution in coming years.



A photo of Adam Hyde, an LSE student
MSc Development Studies