Yaniv Roznai

Tel-Aviv, Israel

As a PhD student in the area of constitutional law, I particularly like the ability to delve into an independent research of topics that are of a theoretical interest but also have a practical importance to modern democracies. This is extremely important for me, as the Israeli reality provides a vast platform for research since it involves various and complicated constitutional issues.

As an LLM graduate at LSE, I already knew that as a PhD student I would have the opportunity to work with world-renowned professors in my field and have access to research facilities of the highest level and quality. These prospects in addition to LSE's reputation as one of the leading UK centres of public law make the best environment for the intellectual growth and professional development I aspire. Also, owing to the generous financial support provided by the Law Department, I have the ability to truly focus on my research.

Apart from the fantastic location in central London, I like the stimulating and cosmopolitan environment. The opportunity to interchange ideas with students from around the world is of great virtue and the weekly diverse guest seminars are a wonderful opportunity to meet worldwide colleagues and to absorb innovative ideas. The Department has so far given me finest guidance and supervision and simultaneously the independence to conduct my research.

One of the two dissertations I wrote during my LL.M studies, has recently been selected as the winner of an international student writing competition and was later published. Therefore, through the research I undertook during my graduate studies, I could play a role in LSE's contribution to scholarship.

My goal for the future is to pursue an academic career in Israel and become a prominent legal scholar in my fields of interest.

Yaniv Roznai
MPhil/PhD Law