Tamara Herath

London, UK

The Gender Institute (GI) at LSE has an excellent international reputation that places it amongst the leading universities in social science. Research at the GI is attractive to prospective students due to the leading professors and research experience within the unit. I have access to key subject specialists and the programme encompasses core content that provides a deeper knowledge of gender issues and related topics. 

Both the GI and LSE in general provide a culturally rich environment, promoting tolerance and respect – both the staff and students within the Gender Institute are very caring and supportive of each other. Studying at LSE and the GI has opened my mind to social politics, and has allowed me to maintain an individual personality whilst further developing a global perspective. LSE also has excellent research and library facilities and the reputation of LSE enabled me to gain access to individuals and organisations for my research that would otherwise have been closed to me. 

After LSE, I intend to continue research into sensitive subject areas within conflict zones, and contribute to the greater understanding of social problems especially with regard to gender identity and empowerment.


A photo of Tamara Herath, an LSE student
MPhil/PhD Gender