Panos Kapotas

Athens, Greece

If the world has become a global village, then LSE must be its central piazza! 

I was drawn to pursue my PhD at LSE by the prospect of working with people whose work I admire and the possibility to carry out my research alongside colleagues coming from almost every legal culture around the globe. Studying law at a top-class academic institution, with a plethora or resources and without the constraints of a taught course – law cannot get much more interesting than that! 

LSE offers a fascinating combination of a vibrant academic community and a truly multicultural environment. Apart from the academic benefits, I had the pleasure to work for more than two years as a part-time research assistant at LSE's Office of Development. What started off as a mere means of financing my studies, became the most pleasurable professional experience thanks to the remarkable people I had the chance to work with. As a Sub-warden at Grosvenor House I have now realised that working alongside excellent colleagues is hardly a coincidence at LSE. 

After my PhD, remaining at the Law department in a teaching capacity would be a desirable way to continue my engagement with the School.


A photo of Panos Kapotas, an LSE student
MPhil/PhD Law