Mahvish Shami

I chose to do a PhD in Development Studies mainly because of the inter-disciplinary nature of the department. This enables me to focus my thesis on issues I am interested in without being confined to a singular framework. The framework I adopt is rich and holistic enabling me to tackle issues thoroughly. Moreover, the diversity of skills found in the department provides an excellent support base for my PhD. I chose to pursue my PhD at DESTIN because it provides a nice balance between the theory and practice of development. This comes out not only in the wide range of their taught courses but also in the diversity of experience of the professors and research students at DESTIN. The best part of studying at LSE is the diversity you encounter on a daily basis. It truly is the definition of a great melting pot with students pouring in from all over the world. Moreover the campus, being situated in the heart of one of the world's greatest cities, makes every day an exciting experience. There is an abundance of research facilities – from the electronic resources to the library facilities to academic support provided by professors – ensuring that academic inspiration is nurtured. Besides being an excellent academic institution LSE also provides a variety of extra curricular activities. Societies such as modern dance, travel society and swing dancing have allowed me to peruse new interests. It is a fun way of making new friends and trying out new experiences I was previously not exposed to. It has been an amazing two years and I look forward to the next two!


A photo of Mahvish Shami, an LSE student
PhD in Development Studies