Javier Trevino-Rangel

Durango, Mexico

My interest in the MPhil/PhD Sociology stems from my curiosity to analyse the way in which an episode, person or group emerges to become defined as a threat or deviant; and how society responds to behaviours, acts, situations and people it regards as problematic, worrying, or undesirable in some way or another. I chose the programme at LSE because its Department of Sociology has played a key role in pioneering, establishing and developing the study of social deviance and social control. Having the opportunity to carry out research with the support of Professors Stanley Cohen, Nikolas Rose or Claire Moon has been invaluable due to their experience in dealing with the sociology of deviance, and the study of political or moral discourses to police them. LSE offers the best conditions for a very rich intellectual and cultural life, and provides a learning environment in which we are encouraged to think critically and independently. As I progress, I am really looking forward to developing my skills and understanding in sociology, and to eventually acquiring professional capacities to efficiently pursue a career in this realm. I intend to use the experience of studying at LSE to expand my research and work so it can influence policies, increase public awareness, and make original contributions to knowledge in different subjects within these fields.


A photo of Javier Trevino-Rangel, an LSE student

MPhil/PhD Sociology