James Abdey

Exeter, UK

Deciding to undertake a doctorate is no easy decision. For me, finding a suitable supervisor was paramount when researching prospective universities. Fortunately my supervisor's research interests complement mine very closely. Financial considerations naturally had to be taken into account as well. Departmental ESRC-recognition status enabled me to apply (successfully) for research council funding. As a PhD student, I enjoy the flexibility and autonomy to organise my time as I see fit. In addition, active research seminar programmes with top name speakers on a regular basis are a great source of inspiration and motivation. Despite the stand-alone independence normally associated with postgraduate research, I have found both the departmental and institutional bodies to be very accommodating and supportive in helping me complete my research effectively. As a research student there are plenty of opportunities to undertake class teaching. The prospect of having to stimulate the intellect of such a diverse student population armed only with a whiteboard, your dynamic personality and wit, daunting though this sounds, has proved extremely satisfying and has allowed me to develop a range of transferable skills. In particular I am currently completing the PGCertHE teaching qualification offered in-house by LSE's Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC).


A photo of James Abdey, an LSE student

PhD in Statistics