Ioanna Katrantzi

Athens, Greece

After finishing my MSc in Operational Research at LSE, I decided to continue my studies as a research student. Given my experience of LSE and my interest in game theory, I knew that I would be given the opportunities I wanted and I would be able to work in a friendly environment. LSE has a great reputation in the research and academic worlds and offers you the chance to meet top researchers and even collaborate with some of them! Being a research student at LSE gives you the opportunity to focus on the subject of your interest and become an expert on a specific area. I am specialising in game theory and the PhD offers me the opportunity to work independently at my own pace and to focus on the area that seems the most fascinating for me. It is a great pleasure to work on a totally new subject, formulate new ideas, solve new problems before anybody else and create a totally new piece of work! Besides, at LSE there are regular research seminars organised by different departments that are open to all students, where you can meet people close to your area of expertise, exchange ideas and learn how to present your own. LSE is an extremely sociable and friendly university. People are open and there are gigs and events organised all year round. I met some of my best friends here. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to meet people from all over the word, come into contact with different ideas and mentalities and expand your horizons – plus, of course, it is in the centre of London; one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.


A photo of Ioanna Katrantzi, an LSE student

PhD in Operational Research