Fraser McNeill

London, UK

The PhD programme in Anthropology at LSE is without doubt one of the best in the country.  Our programme has the component of a weekly post fieldwork 'writing up seminar', chaired by one of the professors, in which we read and comment upon each others' draft chapters.  This not only makes you a better writer, but ensures that you get on with the writing! LSE combines first class research facilities with access to the best libraries on the planet!  Also, being in London not only gives a great atmosphere, but places us at the centre of an academic community of seminars and conferences.  The bar is also great! 

In Anthropology, we have a pre fieldwork year  which gets us well prepared for fieldwork. I conducted almost two years' research in an African village (in Venda, South Africa) and during the writing up period I get a chance to do some teaching and present at the prestigious departmental seminars (I am currently the chair of the Africa Seminar). Following my PhD I hope to get a post-doctoral fellowship and publish my thesis as a book, with a view to lecturing and continuing my career as an anthropologist – either in this country or abroad. I am also quite tempted to become a potato farmer.


A photo of Fraser McNeill, an LSE student
MPhil/PhD Anthropology