Francisco Lara

Manila, Philippines

I am interested in the study of communities and states that face crisis, and how leaders and citizens cope with conflict, violence, and dislocation. I prefer a programme of study that exposes research students to the vagaries of the field from the start of their scholarship, and enables students to mingle with professors and visiting researchers and fellows to appraise each other's work. I chose LSE because I was impressed by the earlier work done by the LSE DESTIN Faculty in my field of study, especially since the Crisis States Research Centre resides within the Institute. I was also satisfied with my earlier training in DESTIN, where I took my MSc, and looked forward to working with scholars and practitioners in my field of study. I am much more confident with my capabilities after having studied at LSE 10 years ago, and I believe a lot of doors were opened to me in the job market after having studied here. In the past ten years I have worked with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, in a top position with the Philippine government, and as a Country Director for a UK-based international development organisation. Of course, it also helped that a lot of my classmates are strategically placed in key development organisations worldwide – that network and the friendships remain vibrant and useful. After my PhD I intend to teach at a university in the Philippines, or in Southeast Asia. I am also prepared to return to development work.


A photo of Francisco Lara, an LSE student
PhD in Development Studies