Denis Regnier

Sneffe, Belgium

'Studying for a PhD in anthropology at LSE is a unique experience in itself but I particularly enjoy doing research in cognitive anthropology, an exciting field to which several staff members of the department are actively contributing. I chose this programme because of the reputation of academic excellence of the department and its expertise in the anthropology of Madagascar and in cognitive anthropology. Returning to university after almost 10 years of work experience as a high school teacher, I have found at LSE a wonderful academic environment to pursue my doctoral research project. It gave me the opportunity to become deeply involved in academic life. I like the international atmosphere, the concentration of high class researchers in a wide range of social sciences and the friendliness of the staff, be it administrative or academic. After my PhD my wish is to work in academia and thus carry on with both teaching and researching.'

A photo of Denis Regnier, an LSE student

 MPhil/PhD Anthropology