Cecile Hoareau

Ile de la Reunion, France

I particularly like the fact that the programme I am in has some taught element, as opposed to an entirely research based PhD. It is a unique programme in Europe, and provides a very challenging and intensive training in research that I could not get anywhere else. I also like the balance that the interdisciplinary approach of this programme gives, drawing on economic aspects to explain political science. 

I chose LSE because it has a great academic staff with a unique expertise. Besides, it is in the middle of one of the most exciting cities in Europe, and provides plenty of opportunities to connect to the political, economic, and financial world. Studying at LSE helped me to broaden my horizons, and, although I am still in my first year of PhD, has already offered my many professional opportunities (teaching and consulting). Since I am studying for a PhD, I would like to pursue a career in academia, or in a consultancy for the public sector.


A photo of Cecile Hoareau, an LSE student
MRes Political Science