Alexey Nechaev


Currently, I am completing my PhD in Economics, supported by the LSE PhD Scholarship. The LSE PhD Scholarship scheme is meritocratic, with awards based on previous academic achievement to a handful of selected candidates, and generous, allowing the recipients to focus on their research. The scheme allows recipients to develop as researchers without having to worry as much about paying the expenses of London life. 

My own research focuses on effective state-building from an economic perspective in developing economies and requires gathering data from my countries of interest. During my second year of the degree, for example, I focused on analysing the economic impact of an ongoing road construction project in Mongolia, connecting Russia to China through the country, as well as methods of financing and procurement for this project- the scholarship allowed me to make a trip to the country to gather data in an environment where reliable information is difficult to obtain without being on the ground.  Going forward, the scholarship will enable me to produce a dissertation that will contribute to economics not only from a theoretical, but also a practical angle, looking at countries that are less well researched and whose policy makers require support.

For me, one of the reasons for choosing to remain with the LSE throughout my education, from BSc through to PhD level, is that the LSE has a truly vibrant academic environment, which enables people to develop as self-sufficient researchers and professionals in their chosen field, not only through lectures and study, but through interaction with some of the leading academics and in a well-selected, diverse student body, full of people of different experience and background. At the same time, the location of the university in Central London allows you to stay very much in tune with the events of the world. In such an environment, merit-based scholarship schemes and awards are extremely important, as they enable the smartest minds to join the university body irrespective of family situation and the awards encourage people to perform throughout their education and I firmly believe that the scheme will keep enabling deserving individuals from all backgrounds to attend this excellent institution.

PhD Economics