Sheikh Raza Rahman

LL.B (Hons) -1998, LL.M -1999

I am currently practicing as a lawyer in Pakistan. When choosing a university to study at, LSE was a very easy choice because of its world renowned academic resources, its cosmopolitan character, and the world class quality of the academic staff in the School’s Law Department.

My first impressions of LSE were very positive, as the atmosphere was friendly and cooperative and I made friends from both Pakistan and other countries. I had visited London before so settling in was not difficult in terms of cultural transition but studying and living in London was a very different experience to merely visiting.

The cutting edge academic environment and the constant exchange of ideas, engendering exponential intellectual development, are two of the aspects of LSE I enjoyed most. I also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with people from different faiths, cultures and viewpoints. I believe such interaction helps one have a broader worldview and to be more tolerant of other people.

My LSE degrees are extremely helpful to me now in terms of career development and also in creating a highly positive first impression in my professional interactions. LSE’s academic philosophy “to know the causes of things” has given me a diverse intellectual approach in my chosen profession.

LSE offers students from Pakistan a world class academic and social environment. The School’s academic approach, with flexible and broad-based thinking, will really help the intellectual development of most Pakistani students. The cultural familiarity provided by the presence of a significant number of Pakistanis and South Asians at LSE helps new students settle in, and the abundance of other nationalities is also a very useful factor in terms of social development.