Sheharyar Malhi

Lahore, Pakistan

I am from Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan. I came to LSE after completing my undergraduate degree, which was combined with some professional work experience. The reasons I chose LSE were its tremendous reputation as a world leader in quality social science education and for frequently being amongst the top three universities in the UK. I chose a master’s degree in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems as it was closely aligned to my goals and to my professional endeavours.

London immediately felt like my second home. The diversity of the city is simply mesmerising. LSE occupies a compact campus in the heart of the city, with a truly remarkable history, but what makes the School a phenomenal experience is its people. The faculty are unmatched and are often authorities in their area of expertise with world class research and publications under their belts. The students are some of the smartest minds from across the globe and often go on to be the world leaders of tomorrow. Indeed, with so many students in the same boat as you and sharing similar aspirations, finding common ground was never a problem and settling in was no challenge at all. Last, but not the least, the support staff are incredibly helpful.

Academically, the most enjoyable experiences at LSE are the lectures, which were far from conventional and stereotypical. The ‘out of the box’ thinking and global perspective are evident irrespective of your area of study. To me personally, Ian Angell's lectures were the most inspirational. No wonder The Times newspaper calls him "the Angell of Doom" and The Guardian newspaper refers to him as "the Guru of Gloom"!

Socially, LSE has so much to keep you informed, thrilled and entertained. Irrespective of what interests you, there is always something going on. Personally, I enjoyed being part of various societies, including finance, media, and business, and attending events organised by the Students’ Union. My favourite thing was attending talks by various speakers from across the world, most of them being heads of states, writers, politicians, economists and business leaders.

Subsequent to completing my master’s degree at LSE, I went on to complete a Chartered Accountancy (ACA) qualification and worked with KPMG's Irish head office in Dublin within their financial services audit division. After qualifying as an ACA in 2012, I moved on to work within the Oil and Energy sector and currently work with KPMG’s Norwegian practice to provide audit and transaction services to multi-national oil and gas companies. The LSE degree has helped me in every way possible - from getting interviews at a time when the financial crisis was at its peak to landing a job in a competitive international market, from having access to highly accomplished alumni for guidance to networking on LSE alumni events, nurturing business and professional contacts. A degree from LSE has certainly made things a lot more achievable.

There is every reason to have LSE as your number one choice of university. The rich academic experience, the unmatched exposure, the valuable skill set and the lifelong friendships you take away are just some of the many reasons why students should study at the School, and if ranking matters to you, LSE tops the charts! 




MSc Analysis, Design & Management of Information Systems, 2008