Raihan Alfaradhi

LSE was the natural first choice to pursue a degree in Mathematics and Economics, because of its academic credentials, but in retrospect this is only one aspect of the LSE experience.

I got involved in the whole range of activities that were on offer. Elected onto the SU Executive, I also played football for the Athletics Union and wrote for the student paper - The Beaver.

Upon graduating, I joined Deloitte in its Financial Services Group and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. It was evident that those skills developed via extra-curricular activities at LSE and in the community were most relevant to my success in a work environment, and this also led to me becoming the head of a diversity network for the firm.

I have since moved to PwC, and am currently working as a Strategy Consultant. The LSE connection remains strong across the City. I find myself continually bumping into old classmates, always eager to reminisce over a cup of coffee.

The diversity of the people who attend LSE makes for a rich experience, which extends beyond academia. Since graduating, I co-founded a social enterprise with some other LSE graduates, which assists students with their graduate job applications, and donates all proceeds to charity.

Students come to LSE to 'know the cause of things': hoping one day, to become the cause of greater things.

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Raihan Alfaradhi

Strategy Consultant, PwC


BSc Mathematics and Economics 2006