Manuel Stotz

After graduating from a state school in Germany, I was fortunate enough to win a Stelios sholarship to attend LSE and study for my BSc in Economics. During my time as a student, I completed several internships in the financial sector. With a degree from LSE in hand, I joined Goldman Sachs in London as an investment analyst in an internal investment fund. My colleagues often joke that I never made it very far from the LSE buildings Houghton Street.

My LSE experience truly made a big difference in my career parth. It opened up completely new perspectives on politics and economics and gave me the opportunity to interact with passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds. I also had the opportunity to get involved with a number of student societie; one of these evolved into the LSE Alternative Investments Conference (AIC) which I am still proud to be associated with.

One aspect of working in the financial sector is best expressed by the LSE motto - 'rerum cognoscere causas' - to the causes of things. The intellectual curiosity developed at LSE to explore the 'true reasons' behind a set of circumstances and scratch beneath the surface has made an invaluable contribution to my careeer. I recognise that it's unlikely I would be in the same position without it. I continue to stay in close contact with the School, its alumni and the wealth of friends I was privileged to make at my time at LSE.

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Manuel Stotz

Investment analyst, Goldman Sachs


BSc Economics, 2008