Maha Rehman

Karachi, Pakistan

MSc NGO Management, LSE Class of 2004

I joined LSE after working for four years in the development sector in Pakistan. Following the completion of my degree in December 2004, I returned to Pakistan and founded a social enterprise (Nur Foundation), followed by the setting up of two subsidiary organizations which provide research and policy advisory services to the social sector.
I currently serve as Technical Advisor to Nur Foundation (Lahore, Pakistan) as well as Measurement, Learning and Evaluation Advisor to Aman Foundation (Karachi, Pakistan).

I chose LSE because I was interested in obtaining a master’s degree in NGO Management, and the School was the only top tier institution offering a specialized degree in the field. The added advantage of choosing LSE was the opportunity to live in London as a student, which I loved. It was very different from visiting the city as a tourist and I got to know and enjoy it even more once I lived there. My first impression of LSE was of a city campus, very different from my undergraduate college, which was a purpose built suburban campus on acres and acres of land.

LSE offered a very stimulating environment for us to sharpen our critical thinking skills. I remember the really thought provoking classroom discussions amongst my classmates as well as with our professors; some of the discussions have stayed with me to this day. I also think fondly of the discussions I had with my classmates over a bite of lunch or cup of tea in the student refectory; between the lot of us we really thought we could solve all the world’s problems!

The LSE degree has contributed immensely to who I am today; both at a professional and a personal level.  It has equipped me with the skills to do best what I do today, it has enhanced my knowledge base, sharpened my critical thinking skills and advanced my analytical skills. It has given me the tools that I need to be a development practitioner and socio-prenuer. Most importantly, it has given me the confidence to support my experience in the field with current best practice as taught by the academic experts at LSE, many of whom are leading authorities in the field of NGO Management.

Coming from Pakistan and studying at LSE is a truly multi-dimensional experience; it is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Students learn as much from outside the classroom as they do from within it. There is so much to learn, see and do in London; places to discover, theatre shows to enjoy and, best of all, the opportunity to make friends from across the globe, while studying at one of the best academic institutions in the world. I highly recommend LSE!