Linda Van Soerland

MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies (graduated in 2010)

Three years ago I started my studies at LSE and I knew it was going to be a challenging and exciting year. I chose the school and the programme partly because of the enthusiastic references from my teacher and former classmates from my undergraduate college, but mostly because I considered London the perfect place to study urban economics, sociology and geography. Throughout the year, I felt very advantaged that I could observe all the phenomena we discussed in class the minute I walked out of the school buildings. I also liked the wide range of optional courses we could choose from, next to the mandatory ones. Because they were all half-units, we could follow six courses in total, thus being able to either broaden your perspective or specialise in a certain direction. The field trips also really added to my understanding of some of the issues we talked about in class, for example our daytrip to Manchester, and the excursion to BedZed sustainable city. One of my personal highlights was the Olympic Park Tour, since this tour showed me the epicentre of this event that had such an impact on the entire city. Apart from these programme related assets, I also made use of other services LSE offered, such as the dissertation writing course. After LSE, I started working for the regional government in the Amsterdam area as a policy advisor on infrastructure and transport. Thanks to the newsletters and regular contact with friends from LSE, I still feel part of the LSE community.