Kiran Afzal

Islamabad, Pakistan

I work for the finance and private sector team at the World Bank in Pakistan. I chose LSE because, when I went through the contents of my chosen programme, I realized that, in addition to offering me exposure to examples of best practice from across the world, it was very relevant to the Pakistani context. In addition to this, studying at such a diverse institution in the centre of a great city was an attraction in itself.

At first, LSE was quite overwhelming but the orientation sessions, and interaction with my fellow students and personal tutor, helped me settle in gradually. I realized that there were many more students like myself who were away from their home and their families, so we were in the same boat. LSE and London have a lot to offer in terms of extra curricular activities, such as sports, sightseeing, shopping, food etc. so very soon the city was as cozy as home.

I really enjoyed the opportunity LSE gave me to have stimulating discussions with the academics and my fellow students about development sector issues and their personal experiences in different parts of the world. The time I spent in the grand yet stylish Library was worth every moment.

LSE inculcated a culture of responsibility; looking for answers through research, challenging the norms, and expressing myself through writing. All of these skills are necessary for my present job, as is the methodical approach to work that the School gave me.

LSE offers a very conducive learning environment without limiting one's thinking and provides many opportunities to its students through workshops, guest speakers, and tutorials. London is the cultural hub of the UK and a very modern city that has many faces. Studying at the School is a complete experience - in fact a life changing one.


MSc Social Policy and Planning