Kelly-Anne Thomas

Llanelli, South Wales

Programme Officer, The One Foundation

I joined LSE in 2006 to study BSc International Relations and History.  I was particularly drawn to the wide array of courses on offer and the fact that I was able to combine the study of contemporary international relations theories with relevant historical debates. Graduating in 2009 with a first class honours, I chose to build upon the knowledge I had already gained and continued with graduate study at the School.  My MSc in Global Politics provided me with a unique opportunity to study the main issues that arise from globalisation and global governance, allowing me to tailor my studies to my specific academic and regional interests. My graduate degree, in particular, greatly enhanced my analytical and critical capabilities, while the amalgamation of teaching by practitioners in the field as well as leading academic experts provided me with a unique insight into various industry sectors.

Having finished my studies in September 2010, I now work as a Programme Officer with The One Foundation – an international development charity that funds a variety of humanitarian projects across sub-Saharan Africa. My academic record and the reputation of LSE undoubtedly made a positive difference to my employability. My studies also prepared me for the challenges that professional life would bring. The cultural and international diversity at the School has enabled me to communicate with people from all walks of life, and I constantly find myself challenging the status quo in order to improve the delivery of our humanitarian work. While the time spent at LSE may have been relatively short in the grand scheme of things, the knowledge and skills I gained whilst there will definitely last a lifetime.