Gabe Rosenberg

Coming to London is somewhat confusing and disorienting for a born and bred New Yorker, yet when I joined the Department of Mathematics at the end of September, I was provided with a great deal of information at the departmental induction, by email, and through various other channels. I learned quickly what was expected of me and what was provided academically by the department. This helpfulness continued throughout the academic year, from planning examinations and dissertation writings to choosing lectures and attending seminars. 

The faculty in the department did a fantastic job of easing the students into the programme while keeping the high level of academic integrity and discipline for which LSE is known. Lectures were given clearly, student participation was encouraged, and assignments were timely and appropriate. My experience with my supervisor, Dr. Bernhard von Stengel, was the embodiment of the supportive and student-friendly atmosphere I experienced in the department. 

I availed myself of several of the seminars held by the department and found the faculty and students to be not only intellectually stimulating, but personally congenial. It was common to walk through the office and spend a great deal of time just speaking to other professors and students about academic work, life in London, sport, or almost anything else. Such an atmosphere is conducive not only to academic advancement, but an enjoyable personal experience. 

I'm now a law student at Yale Law School and will soon be a joint degree candidate between that and a PhD at the Yale School of Management.

Please see, MSc Applicable Mathematics