David Covolo

MSc in Applicable Mathematics


What I liked the most at LSE was the variety of courses offered by the department and the perfect integration among them.

As I was particularly interested on the applied side of Mathematics, I found here a vast option of courses where it was possible to meet my requirements and tastes, without losing the focus on the important theoretical aspects. In particular, the course on "Algorithm and Computation" turned out to be very important for the role I am currently covering within Deutsche Bank, where I hold a position in the most quantitative department of the Bank. The possibility of taking a course outside the Mathematics department was crucial to me. In fact, thanks to the course on "Principles of Finance" I had the chance to discover a "world" quite new to me. Finally, the dissertation project was a great opportunity where to deepen my knowledge on the topic of "Option Pricing", which is full of sophisticated and interesting mathematical aspects.

I decided to apply to LSE because of the reputation of the School and to have the possibility to meet the best students coming from all over the world, sharing experiences with people having different backgrounds, habits and cultures. I met a lot of people from other departments and that helped me to expand further my knowledge and broaden my view on different topics and subjects.

What makes LSE peculiar is diversity. In fact, more than 80% of students come from outside the UK. I reckon that undertaking this experience in such a diverse environment has been very enriching, not only for my studies, but in general for my life.

LSE is certainly very challenging and it requires working hard in order to get good results, but at the same time it is an experience I would suggest to everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge on Applicable Mathematics and who is willing to see how the quantitative aspects of maths are applied to the real world, accompanied step by step by the excellent guidance of professors and personal tutors.

Currently I am working for the "Risk Analytics and Instruments" department of Deutsche Bank. I have the opportunity to apply every day the quantitative approaches and procedures I have learnt at LSE. This is exactly what I wanted to do, and LSE was the crucial point for getting this position in one the most important financial institutions of the world.

David Covolo