Danish Elahi

Karachi, Pakistan

BSc Accounting and Finance, 2004

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance in 2004, I joined KPMG (London) in their financial services audit before moving to Pakistan in 2008. Accounting was always my area of interest and the right foundation, both academically and socially, for my eventual career as a qualified Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) and, subsequently, businessman. My BSc Accounting & Finance qualification, combined with my professional qualification as an accountant, is part of my everyday business life – evaluating financial decisions, reviewing financial models/companies and analysing financial information is what I do for a living.

London for me will always be the ‘Perfect City’; it is cosmopolitan, has ethnic diversity, is a financial hub and offered me endless opportunities as an student coming from Pakistan with high aspirations to make a mark on the international world of finance and business. LSE was the cherry on top! It provided me with a strong base on which to build those aspirations, while encompassing the social dynamics of London as a city. Settling in to LSE was not difficult with the guidance of the School and colleagues.

One aspect of LSE I particularly appreciated was the immense student talent the institution attracts. The School is a breeding ground for future leaders in their respective fields. Socially, I really enjoyed playing squash - I would spend hours down at the courts! Also, I enjoyed my part time role as Assistant House Manager of LSE. I was responsible for clearing out the lockers in the Summer (before the start of the new academic year) and disposing of all sorts of stuff I found in them! As the President of the Students’ Union Pakistan Society I developed many useful contacts and organized a variety of events, including dinners, luncheons, and boat rides.

I am now Director of Finance and Logistics for the Elahi Group of Companies, which is one of the leading commodity houses in Pakistan with operations in Pakistan, Australia, Singapore and the UAE. Commodities and logistics is all about handling the daily pressures of delivering services in a timely fashion and taking on the spot decisions on a minute-by-minute, second-by-second basis. I believe there are few institutions in the world as good as LSE at equipping you to both handle and enjoy this pressure.

I think Pakistani students should choose LSE for the institutional value it delivers; it has been home to a great many Nobel Prize winners and offers a great location in the heart of London. It also boasts Europe’s largest social science library, and above all a centre to connect people from all parts of the world.