Collin Tseng-Liu

I read Economics at LSE and joined Price Waterhouse after graduation to pursue chartered accountancy training. After qualifying, I worked in PwC London in the International Structuring and Financing department before heading home to Singapore. I am currently Head of Business Development at the largest local law firm.

My time at LSE was truly memorable and enriching - attending lectures by world-class professors, hearing prominent global personalities speak and engaging them with questions, attending the many social events organised by a multitude of clubs and societies and attending classes with students from countless nationalities and perspectives. LSE was, and is, a true global melting pot of ideas and ideals.

The diversity and differences in views, opinions, values and more, were to be the best exposure and education a student could find. More than textbooks and examinations, LSE is a fantastic place that opened and shaped my mind. Not many places in the world can lay claim to that.

As a result of my intense and insightful time spent at LSE, I continue to this day to maintain my links and relationship to the School via the alumni chapter in Singapore. It helps that LSE treats its alumni as part of the "LSE family" and I am indeed proud of being an alumnus.

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A photo of Collin Tseng-Liu, an LSE student

BSc Economics 1997


Head of BizDev, Allen & Gledhill LLP