Professor David Stevenson

I joined LSE in 1982 as a lecturer and became a professor of International History in 1998.I was appointed Stevenson Professor of International History in 2011. This chair was endowed by Sir Daniel Stevenson (no relation of mine!) in 1932.

My research interests lie in the origins, course, and impact of the First World War and international relations in Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I currently teach about these areas on the undergraduate course 'The Great War, 1914-1918' as well as on the graduate courses 'Crisis Decision-Making in War and Peace, 1914-2003' and 'European Integration in the Twentieth Century'.

My most recent book is With Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918. It draws on multi-archival research to re-examine the final year of the First World War from an international perspective and to analyse the positions of both sides. Among other things, it reveals that the Allies' eventual success was due to new organisational methods of managing men and material and to increased combat effectiveness resulting partly from technological innovation. These factors, combined with Germany's disastrous military offensive in spring 1918, ensured an Allied victory – but not a conclusive German defeat.

The Department of International History provides students with the opportunity to take specialised courses based upon the latest scholarly research. Our coverage is global, and although we are particularly strong on the twentieth century we offer courses on all periods since 1500. We interpret international history broadly, to include imperial, cultural, and strategic as well as political and diplomatic topics. An exceptional wealth of primary source materials are available in London for student dissertations. The skills our undergraduates and postgraduates acquire make them highly employable across a wide range of sectors, including government, the media, teaching, law, and international business. Indeed, the 2011 National Student Survey noted that 85% of LSE history students secured graduate-level jobs within six months of graduation, and this is by far the best result for any history degree in the UK.

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