Professor Andy Thornley

My interest is in the way that politics shapes cities. In particular how the city policy agenda is formulated and influences urban planning.  The politics/planning interface operates at various levels from national traditions through regional and city strategy to the implementation of mega-projects. I am particularly fascinated by researching these themes comparatively, for example through contrasting World cities such as London New York, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore or Beijing, or comparing the way that different Olympic Games have dealt with the issues of urban legacy. I have written many books and articles on these issues – the latest being a collaborative effort called ‘Struggling Giants: city-regional governance in London, New York, Paris and Tokyo’ published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2012.

I have had a long association with the LSE as a student and then Director of the Planning Studies program from 1994-2009.  I am now Emeritus professor of Urban Planning and continue to write. However the LSE is a compulsive place and the academic buzz is unique. So I am continuing to teach on the Planning Studies Programme and enjoy the interaction with some of the brightest young urban scholars in the world.

Please see Regional and Urban Planning Studies