Professor Paul Kelly

I have taught at LSE since 1995 and been a professor in the School for the last four years. Previously I taught at University College, Swansea after having been a post doctoral fellow at the University of Chicago and a PhD student at LSE. My research and publications are in the field of political theory and political ideas. I have written books on Jeremy Bentham and John Locke and co-edited one of the standard textbooks in the field, as well as publishing in contemporary political philosophy in areas such as social justice and multiculturalism. I am currently responsible for the new BSc Politics and Philosophy that is being jointly launched with the Department of Philosophy. This new degree builds upon the success of joint undergraduate programmes with other departments such as Government and Economics, and Government and History. Since its inception LSE has been at the forefront of political theory and political philosophy in Britain, with some of the most eminent British political theorists, such as Harold Laski, Michael Oakeshott and Brian Barry holding prestigious chairs in Government and Sir Karl Popper holding a chair in the Philosophy Department. Both departments remain world class centres for teaching and research in the field of political theory and philosophy and this is reflected in our new undergraduate offering. In the first year the degree will bring together core courses from both departments before offering a range of new courses in political theory and philosophy which will be the rival of other undergraduate programmes in the UK and Europe. In a period of dramatic social change with new challenges such as global warming; now more than ever is an interesting time to study political theory and philosophy at LSE.

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