Dr Alex Voorhoeve

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

I have lectured on moral and political philosophy, the philosophy of economics, and philosophy and public policy at LSE since 2004, with the exception of 2008/9, when I was a Visiting Faculty Fellow at Harvard's Centre for Ethics. I am programme director of the MSc Economics and Philosophy and have been heavily involved in building our very successful MSc Philosophy and Public Policy. My research focuses on three liberal egalitarian ideals: a conception of well-being that respects state neutrality between differing conceptions of the good life; citizens' responsibility for their own fate; and equality. The Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method stands out for its interdisciplinary approach to philosophical questions, such as 'What is a fair allocation of health care resources?'; 'What is a good measure of well-being?'; and 'What use are scientific models - including models of climate change, or of financial markets - that depend on false assumptions?' In addition to their training in philosophy, all of our staff have a good grounding in a social or natural science: I trained as an economist, and colleagues hold degrees in physics, mathematics, and sociology, to name a few disciplines. Our students also come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from philosophy, through the social and natural sciences, to mathematics and statistics. This means that besides studying the works of Aristotle, Hume and Kant, we also study leading thinkers from economics, political science, and the natural sciences. At the graduate level, we take LSE's mission of research-led teaching seriously: as far as possible, each of us teaches topics on which we are currently engaged in research. This makes for exciting debate in the classroom, as lecturers and students are together engaged in exploring cutting-edge ideas. One of the joys of teaching here is being challenged to defend my ideas against unforeseen objections, or to revise them in the light of students' arguments in seminars or essays. Our Department is a lively place: the Philosophy Society puts on conferences and runs a student journal. We also have a lot of fun together during our annual weekend away and the departmental parties that are enlivened by our staff-student rock 'n' roll band. Our students go on to successful careers in think tanks, government, journalism, investment banking and consulting. Many also pursue PhDs in philosophy or the social sciences at top universities.


Alex Voorhoeve
Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method