'Would I were in an alehouse in London! I would give all my fame for a pot of ale...' Shakespeare, Henry V: 3.2.13


In terms of restaurants, London really does have everything you could ever want. The array of restaurants reflect the international nature of the city with every type of cuisine from British Pub food, Dutch pancake houses, a plethora of Indian specialities from every region, Azerbaijani, Georgian and Ethiopian food to the famous Chinatown|

Restaurateurs seem to take delight in trying to outdo one another with innovative designs, menus, and locations. You may find yourself sitting below a giant cow in formaldehyde one night, or perhaps eating in the dark another. However there is an even larger number of more traditional restaurants and cafes for people less eager to experiment. 

Food Markets

One might not expect London to have a lot of markets, given its metropolitan status, however food and farmers' markets form a huge part of London's daily life. Every area has its own little street markets, see below for some of the most popular:

-Borough Market|

-Broadway Market|

-Brixton Market|

-Billingsgate Fish Market|

-Smithfield Market|

Food trucks & pop up venues

From your everyday hot dogs and burgers to vans complete with a wood burning oven for top notch pizzas - London has it all! 

You can never really be too sure where your favourite food truck is likely to set up shop next, but that is perhaps one of the charms of London - the serendipity of stumbling across something old (or something new) where you least expect it.

Many restaurants take advantage of the ever changing London streets with some pop up venues appearing in shipping containers on the banks of the river, or in disused gas stations, made bright and squeaky clean for a short time. 

For more information, please see Time Out London Restaurants|