Version Identification Workshop:

The VIF workshop was held on Tuesday 22nd April. An audience of repository staff and software developers enjoyed a full afternoon of sessions about a variety of repository and versioning issues. Presentations are available for download or viewing below.

Programme and Presentations:



Session 1 – Intros and Versioning

Welcome and thanks to project partners

Frances Shipsey, LSE

Presentation for morning session:


Overview of the afternoon, introduction to the project

What is a Version? Use cases and why versioning matters

Jenny Brace, LSE


Highlights from the survey

Paul Cave, Leeds

How to use the framework, key learning from the project:

Make information transparent: Magic 5, Object solutions: filenaming, watermarks, coversheets, flags, ID tags

Highlights of the recommendations.

Dave Puplett, LSE

Question session

Chaired by Frances Shipsey, with VIF team




Refreshment break




Session 2 – Breakouts


Session 1 – Metadata

Session 2 – Strategy & Advocacy

Identifiers and interoperability

Presentation: 2-IDENTIFIERSVIF.ppt

Richard Green, Hull Uni & RIDIR

VIF recommendations for Repository Managers and content creators

Presentation: 5-PUPLETTVIF.ppt

Dave Puplett, LSE

FRBR and Metadata Application profiles

Presentation: 3-CLIFFVIF.ppt

Pete Cliff, UKOLN


Presentation: 6-MILLINGTONVIF.ppt

Peter Millington, Sherpa

VIF’s take on Metadata and versioning

Presentation: 4-JONESMETAVIF.ppt

Catherine Jones, STFC

Demo of use of Subversion in a repository


Peter Van Huisstede, Erasmus

Discussion about implementation; practicalities, support required and issues.

With Richard Green and Pete Cliff and facilitated by Catherine Jones, STFC

Discussion of support required by repository managers

Including Peter Millington & Peter Van Huisstede, facilitated by Dave Puplett




Refreshment Break



1hr 20

Session 3 – Software

Software development recommendations

Presentation: 8-JONESVIF.ppt

Catherine Jones, STFC

Eprints and versioning

Presentation: 9-BRODYVIF.ppt

Tim Brody, EPrints

Fedora and versioning

Presentation: 10-GREENVIF.ppt

Richard Green, Hull

DSpace and versioning

Presentation: 11-RUTHERFORDVIF.pdf

Jim Rutherford, HP Labs

Panel discussion

Chaired by Frances Shipsey, with speakers from the software session

Conference wrap up and thanks

Jenny Brace, LSE



1 hr

Reception  (and adjourn to pub)



The Hatton, London.
Nearest Tube: Chancery Lane or Farringdon.