Term Definition Information
application profile Metadata specification for describing a specific digital object type. Commonly associated with the Dublin Core metadata standard.
cover sheet A standardised sheet generated by the repository. In the Framework, this refers to a different thing to a title sheet filled in by a content creator.
dataset A collection of data. Can be of widely varying sizes and scope.  
eprint Electronic copy of a text document.  
e-thesis Electronic copy of an academic thesis.  
id tag These tags are used to identify a digital object by storing information about the object in a very small file imbedded within the object. Common occurrences  are the ID3 tags that MP3 files use.  
ingest / deposit The process of work being placed into a repository for storage and future access.  
learning object No agreed definition, but a learning object is a digital resource that can be used and re-used to support learning. Will normally consist of more than one item.
lossless compression Where a digital file is compressed in file size without losing any quality.  
mandate Some institutions and funding bodies now mandate academic staff to deposit open access copies of the work in repositories or a similar environment.  
metadata Data about data - in the repository context, information such as author, title, format and so on is metadata.  
open access / OA The concept of research outputs being made unrestricted and freely accessible on the web.  
OpenDoar Directory of (academic) Open Access Repositories.
premis A metadata scheme for capturing preservation information.
repository A repository is a place where data is stored and maintained.  
self-deposit The act of an author or content creator depositing work in a repository on their own.  
splash page Also known as a metadata page, or summary page. This is the page that contains information about a repository record, that links you to the files themselves.  
Subversion A piece of software that allows version control of files.
taxonomy A standardised set of descriptive terms that can be used to classify items. Also known as a 'terminology'.
title sheet An opening sheet or page used by a content creator give details about the work. In the Framework, this refers to a different thing to a cover sheet generated by a repository.
user A person who accesses any digital object contained within a repository.  
version A 'version' is a digital object (in whatever format) that exists in time and place and has a context that can be described by the relationship it has to one or more other objects.   
version relationship A ‘version relationship’ is an understanding or expression of how two or more objects relate to each other.  
watermark A feint overlay or additional area that is embedded into an object, much like header and footers in word processed documents.  


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