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VERSIONS invitational evaluation workshop

During May 2006 the project team hosted an invitational VERSIONS workshop at LSE, comprising 9 expert participants from a range of backgrounds including repository software developers, repository managers, digital curation specialists and metadata experts. 

The project team delivered presentations detailing the project background, scenarios work and progress to date.  Following this, workshop participants discussed and evaluated the VERSIONS user requirements analysis, looking in detail at the survey design and the results of interviews with researchers.  Participants discussed their own experiences of completing the survey and any potentially problematic areas were identified.

Following lunch the group split into three and each team evaluated potential solutions to the version identification issue.  Options discussed included the value of a standardised terminology for versions, a date-based approach to file naming, possible linking of related documents, and a free text descriptive approach to version identification.  The group re-formed to discuss their responses and any other issues before closing.

The project team found the workshop extremely useful; the representation of a wide variety of skills and specialities within the group led to some practical and enlightening discussion. 

Please find the agenda, presentations and notes taken on the day below.

VERSIONS invitational evaluation workshop - Agenda
VERSIONS Project background and progress to date (slides)
VERSIONS Project scenarios (slides)
VERSIONS invitational evaluation workshop - Notes


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