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6 July 07 The Versions Identification Framework Project has launched, continuing the work started by the VERSIONS and RIVER projects.
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5 June 07 Frances Shipsey presented a paper on the VERSIONS Project and the Version Identification Framework Project at the JISC Conference on Digital repositories : dealing with the digital deluge, University of Manchester, 5-6 June 2007. The presentation is available on the VERSIONS Dissemination page.

18-20 April 07 The VERSIONS Project will have a poster session at the CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI5) in Geneva.

6 December 06
Frances Shipsey recently presented a paper at the 2nd International Digital Curation Conference in Glasgow.  The presentation, on 'Versions of academic papers: current practice and attitudes of economics researchers towards creating and storing digital versions', is now available via the dissemination page. 

8 November 06 Frances Shipsey presented a paper at the recent Open Scholarship 2006 conference in Glasgow.  The presentation, on 'Versions of academic papers and open access: attitudes and current practice among economics researchers', is now available via the dissemination page.  

20 September 06 The survey prize draw has been won by Yvonne Auld, Project Officer for e-publications@bond, from Bond University in Queensland, Australia.  Congratulations to Yvonne and, once again, many thanks to all survey respondents for taking the time to participate in the questionnaires.

21 July 06 The VERSIONS Project survey is now closed.  Many thanks to all who participated in the questionnaires, your responses are being analysed and a full report will appear on this website in due course.  The winner of the survey prize draw will be announced shortly. 


VERSIONS Project informal monthly updates

The VERSIONS Project team put together monthly updates summarising progress made on the project and any other points of interest relating to the project.  Please see below to view VERSIONS informal updates produced during the funded period of the Project.  For further news about the project please contact




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