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How to contact us

For general help using the Library services:


Email us: library.enquiries@lse.ac.uk

Call us: +44 (0) 20 7955 7229


or in person throughout the Library

IT services in the Library

There are a number of Information Management Technology (IMT) related services that may be relevant to your work in the Library. 


The Library has a number of printers that can be used by LSE students. 

Once your Library account is activated you can top up your account in the Copyshop, via LSE Wallet, or one of the value loaders on the lower ground, ground and first floor. 

IMT has produced detailed guides to help you with the printing process.

i-Roam laptops

i-Roam laptops can be borrowed from cabinets on the first floor of the Library. They can be used for up to four hours and must not leave the Library building.

Further help

If you need help with an IT problem, there are a number of ways that IMT can support you.


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