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Citing and Referencing for LSE students

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Knowing how to cite and reference properly is an important part of academic good practice.

It allows you to acknowledge the work of other authors in your field of study, and helps you to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

Have you ever wondered what the Harvard method is? Which bibliographic style should be used in your dissertation? How do you cite web pages and other electronic resources?

The Library offers citing and referencing classes for LSE students as part of the regular Training Programme|

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Citing and referencing screencast| will help you to find out about best practice in this area.




Citing and referencing: a best practice guide (PDF)


P lease note this guide is based on the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide. Please check with your department if they have an alternative bibliographic style they would prefer you to use. Also note that the Law department at LSE prefer you to reference using footnotes rather than in-text citations.




Online support for Citing and Referencing is available in Moodle:

Library Companion for Students|

 LSE Training System|