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Borrowing for LSE students and staff

Here are the details of what type of material LSE students, staff and certain categories of visitors are able to borrow, how many and how long they can be borrowed for.

Number of items
Borrowing Number of Items
   Undergraduate Postgraduate  Research  Teaching
 Main collection  20 20  30  40 
 Normal loans 20  20  30  40 
 Course collection 15 15  15  15 
 Total items  20 20  30  40 

Duration of loans

   Undergraduate Postgraduate  Research  Teaching 
Main Collection
Normal loans
 105 days  105 days  105 days  105 days
 Course collection 3 days  3 days    7 days    7 days 

My Account

Everyone who is able to borrow books from the Library will be able to access their account on-line via the link on our catalogue page|.

Students and staff from LSE will be required to use their IT account log-in details.

Accessing your account allows you to:

  •  see what you have borrowed
  •  see the dates items are due for return
  •  see a list of items you have reserved and if they are available for collection
  •  and, importantly to renew your books

Fines and Charges

Charges will be incurred for items that are returned or renewed late. Items in either the Main or the Course collection that have reservations placed on them (i.e.in popular demand) fines are charged at a higher rate.

  Main Collection & Course Collection Reserved Items
Amount per day  £0.30  £1.00
 Maximum Fine per book  £10.00  £30.00

Everyone who can borrow item can accumulate up to £10.00 of incurred fines before their library account is blocked from carrying out further transactions and using the self-service facilities.

Fines can be paid on-line via the LSE Wallet or at the Service counter using cash or payment cards.