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How to contact us


Contact the Data Library: datalibrary@lse.ac.uk|| or in person throughout the Library.

Terms and conditions of using Data

In order to access and use the resources of the Data Library the following must be understood and agreed to;

  • Copyright of the data is retained by the data owner but licensed for use by current LSE staff and researchers;
  • Access is on the basis of non-commercial academic use;
  • Data is supplied to an individual not a department or project;
  • Sharing of data with others – even within LSE - is not permitted;
  • Data is supplied for use on a specific research project and must be destroyed upon its completion;
  • Where the same data collection is required for other projects a new request must be made;
  • Should researchers leave LSE before a project is completed the data must be destroyed;
  • It is the responsibility of the researcher to keep the data secure and not disclose it to anyone else;
  • In some cases particular data collections or third party data suppliers may also require additional safeguards on the data which must also be honoured;
  • It is the responsibility of researchers who foresee a potential conflict of their use of data with these conditions to contact the Data Library in advance for further discussion;
  • A breach of these conditions will result in termination of future access and possible legal action. 

Further information on the Data Library| puts these conditions in their context.