How to contact us


Contact the Data Library:|| or in person throughout the Library.


Accessing Data and Statistics

There are three broad types of data collections supported by the Data Library and each individual collections has its own entry in the main library catalogue.

Bound Data - The first are hard copy (bound paper) statistical materials to be found on the shelves of the library. These may be found using Library Search|.   An example is a copy of The National Accounts of Sri Lanka 2003|.

Online Data - The second type of data collections are those which are digital and may be accessed online via Library Search|. These online resources may need additional stages of registration or authentication. More information is available in the Data Companion for Researchers|. Even where you can easily access your online resource we recommend you also contact the data library for further advice or suggestions for collections to use. An example is Bankscope.

Offline Data - Some collections are digital but not directly accessible. These are held by the Data Library and supplied on request on a memory stick, via a dedicated Data PC or in a similar way. This is usually done because for reasons of security the licence imposed by the data supplier forbids dissemination over a wider network. An example is the Cross National Time Series Data Archive|.

Data PC Usage - A small number of PC terminals on the first floor of the Library - near the Help Desk - are marked as Data PCs. These are for the use of researchers who wish to access Bloomberg|, SDC Platinum| or Datastream|. Other functionality is limited and in times of high use booking is necessary. More information on each resource and how to access them are in the Data Companion for Researchers|.