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Creating Reading Lists

Reading Lists @ LSE

The Library supports the Reading Lists @ LSE system: this provides a simple and intuitive tool for teachers to compile, edit and maintain reading lists while ensuring a consistent and helpful display for students.

For list editors, adding links and citations for books, journal articles and online resources takes just a couple of mouse-clicks. A drag-and-drop interface makes organising a list easy.

Requesting textbooks

The Library attempts to acquire multiple copies of all essential textbooks and other key monographs used in teaching. These are kept in the Library's Course Collection and are for the use of LSE students and staff only.

To request books for the Course Collection, please add the title required to a Reading Lists @ LSE list and mark the importance of the book as 'Essential' reading. Once you have finished editing your list, please click on the 'Request Review' button near the top of your list. The Library will then review the reading list to check that there are sufficient copies of the books in stock. Those books that are marked as 'Background' readings are also purchased if we do not yet have a copy in the Main Collection. 

Using this system ensures that the Library can make the necessary levels of acquisitions for your required texts. 

If you aren't using the Reading Lists @ LSE system but require books to be purchased, you should contact your Academic Support Librarian for assistance.