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Digitising Key Readings

 If you’re teaching on an LSE course you can make use of our digitised readings| service (also known as epacks) in order to provide your students with electronic versions of important readings.

You simply need to tell us what readings you want digitised and the Library will do the rest – checking and clearing licencing issues, scanning and producing the digital version, and hosting the PDF securely. This ensures that any digitised material you’re providing to your students is copyright compliant.

What can be digitised?

Most readings covered by the School’s copyright licence can be digitised on your behalf. The licence allows us to digitise up to a maximum of one chapter from a book, one article from a journal issue, or no more than 5% of a published work (whichever is the greater).

Your own publications also need copyright clearance unless you have a specific agreement in your publishing contract that allows an item to be used in electronic format for your teaching. Material already available electronically as either an ejournal or an ebook cannot normally be digitised.

In all cases the Library will check the copyright for you - please don’t assume any readings can be digitised until the Library has emailed confirmation to you.

Making a request

To request a digitisation send an email to epacks@lse.ac.uk| with the following details:

  • The course code and course title
  • The name of the course convener or key contact (including an email address)
  • An estimate of student numbers
  • Bibliographic details for each item you want digitised, in particular:
    • Author
    • Title
    • Page range (a chapter number isn’t sufficient)
    • ISBN or ISSN
    • Date of publication
    • Journal title (if applicable)
    • Volume and number (if applicable)

The Library will process your request and then send you an email confirming what we have scanned, along with links to the digitised readings. You can then add these links to your online reading list. We’ll contact you if we have any problems digitising your readings.

Please note that due to the high volume of requests we need to receive requests by the dates below to ensure that readings are available for the start of term:

  • Deadline for Michaelmas term requests: 31 July
  • Deadline for Lent term requests: 31 October

Renewing your digitised readings

Under our licence digitised readings can only be copyright cleared for one academic session. You will be contacted by the team before the start of each academic year to check whether you want to reuse any readings. The Library will renew copyright on those items – anything not reused will be deleted.