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How to contact us

For help with Research Data Management:


Email us: Datalibrary@lse.ac.uk


The Data Library aims to respond to emails within two working days.


Research Data Management at LSE

This website provides information and guidance for researchers on Research Data Management (RDM) drawing on external and internal support and polices. It will also provide a contact point for questions on how to manage research data. LSE Library offers a range of services to assist LSE colleagues with RDM at all stages of the research lifecycle, including:

  • How to manage your research data, from the planning stage to finishing a research project.
  • What LSE and the research funding councils expect you to do with your research data.
  • How to find and describe data for re-use in your research.
  • How to preserve and share your data through a suitable data archive or repository and how to apply appropriate usage licenses to data.

If any aspect of RDM is not covered in these pages, please contact us at datalibrary@lse.ac.uk.

Planning research

How to plan your research using good research data management principles.


What does LSE and your research funder expect?

Re-using data

Finding re-usable data, interpreting licensing and citing data you have referred to in your research.

Doing research

Considerations to bear in mind when doing your research to foster good research data management practice, including both legal and technical matters.

Finishing research

Selecting and preparing your data for storage, and where to archive your data, including options provided by LSE.

Sharing data

Why share your research data? How to share your data for re-use and citation, and how to license your data.

Contact and help

How to get in touch and where to find information on training and other useful resources.