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Open Access for PhD and Early Career Researchers

 openSource_lighbulbThere are a number of benefits to making your PhD thesis available via Open Access:

  • Increases visibility and exposure of your research.
  • Increases your network, by making connections with researchers abroad.
  • Publishers can identify potential book material.
  • Usage statistics will be available to show how often the thesis was downloaded.
  • Provides potential for increased funding opportunities and collaborations.
  • Preservation and provenance of the work is guaranteed.

LSE Theses Online

Under School regulations, once a successfully completed PhD has passed examination, students must submit a final copy in electronic form to lsethesesonline@lse.ac.uk. This applies to all PhD theses from 2011-12 session onwards.

Theses will be made publicly available to download via LSE Theses Online.

All works deposited in LSE Theses Online are done so under the LSE Theses deposit agreement, which is available on the LSE Theses Online FAQs.


Before a thesis is uploaded to LSE Theses Online it is checked for third party copyright material. Students have a responsibility to ensure they are not infringing the rights of any third party in their thesis.

Support on issues relating to copyright and intellectual property rights is available to students throughout their PhD research: