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How to contact us

For general help using the Library services:


Email us: library.enquiries@lse.ac.uk

Call us: +44 (0) 20 7955 7229


or in person throughout the Library

Other visitors

Academic staff and research degree students

Please bring your university ID card on your visit. If your ID card does not clearly indicate your status (e.g. Staff, Research student), please also bring a letter of introduction from your department to confirm your status.  

Please complete our Application Form form before your visit.

All other overseas visitors

Overseas visitors may apply for reference access to the Library. 

Please bring your passport, driving license or national ID card with you on your visit.

We can provide access up to one month over one calendar year. It is not possible to renew an overseas visitor pass within one year.

Please complete our Application Form form before your visit.

Business visitors

We consider you to be a Business Visitor if you are conducting research that has commercial value, eg for a book that is to be published or partners report. You will be charged for library access. If you apply as an individual you are asked to confirm that any and all research you undertake at the Library is not for profit.

Current Charges: Individual - £15 per day, £50 per week.

For details on corporate membership and other enquiries please contact us.