The front cover of the book being launched


Can the UK's Core Democratic Institutions Manage the Current Crisis?

Hosted by LSE Library and the Political Studies Association

Workspace 2, LSE LIFE in LSE Library, United Kingdom


Professor Patrick Dunleavy

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at LSE

Dr Joelle Grogan

Lecturer in Law at Middlesex University

Dr Jessica Garland

Director of Policy and Research at the Electoral Reform Society

Phil Sooben

Chief Executive Officer at the Political Studies Association


Clare Coatman

Vice Chair of trustees for Democratic Audit and democracy campaigner

Join us for a panel discussion to launch the new book, "The UK's Changing Democracy: the 2018 Democratic Audit".

Last month, LSE Press published its first book, The UK’s Changing Democracy: the 2018 Democratic Audit, a fully open access, in-depth assessment of all aspects of the UK’s democracy. At a time when the UK’s core institutions are struggling to implement the 2016 Brexit vote, the panel discusses the book’s core findings – that the institutions at the centre of the UK’s political system are facing unprecedented democratic decline – and what the prospects for democratic reform are. The event is held in collaboration with the Political Studies Association.


Professor Patrick Dunleavy (@pjdunleavy) is the lead editor of The UK’s Changing Democracy: The 2018 Democratic Audit. He is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the LSE and co-Director of Democratic Audit there. He is also Centenary Professor in the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA), University of Canberra.

Dr Joelle Grogan (@joellegrogan) is the author of the chapter on Brexit in The UK’s Changing Democracy. She is is a Lecturer in Law at Middlesex University, and the creator of @StickyTrickyLaw.

Dr Jessica Garland is director of Policy and Research at the Electoral Reform Society.

Phil Sooben has been Chief Executive Officer of the Political Studies Association, the UK’s learned society for academics working in political science, since June 2017.


Clare Coatman is the Vice Chair of trustees for Democratic Audit and a democracy campaigner.

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