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Middle Eastern Studies

These pages will enable you to locate books, journals, and electronic resources on the MIddle-East


The map shows the comparative strengths of LSE Library collections for Middle Eastern countries with the darkest blue denoting the highest concentration.

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  • New online portal on Gulf History involving LSE alumnus Francis Owtram
    This article originally appeared on the LSE Department of International Relations blog. IR Department PhD alumnus, Francis Owtram, is currently assisting with the development of an online portal of archival material which will be of key interest to students of the history and international relations of the Arabian/Persian Gulf. The Qatar Digital Library was launched in October 2014 and is […]
  • Book Review of Mark Thompson’s Saudi Arabia and the Path to Political Change
    by Madawi al-Rasheed Under domestic and international pressure, authoritarian monarchies in which citizens are completely disenfranchised, are often compelled to occasionally engage multiple domestic constituencies in dialogue. This is usually a response to specific terrorism threats, demands for reform, or internal sporadic mobilisation. Post 9/11 Saudi Arabia was on the brink of implosion from within. The country witnessed the worst […]