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Middle Eastern Studies

These pages will enable you to locate books, journals, and electronic resources on the MIddle-East


The map shows the comparative strengths of LSE Library collections for Middle Eastern countries with the darkest blue denoting the highest concentration.

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  • Once ‘outsiders’, the HDP can become the ‘protectors’ of the parliamentary regime in Turkey
    by Mustafa Cagatay Aslan Turkey will hold a parliamentary election on 7 June. The main aim of the incumbent Justice Development Party (AKP) is to have at least 330 seats in order to change the political system from a parliamentary regime to a ‘presidential’ one. In his piece, Mustafa Cagatay Aslan suggests that whether the AKP achieves its aim depends […]
  • Iranian Diplomacy Evolves: What’s next for Iran?
    by Alireza Shams Lahijani With final steps of sealing the anticipated deal between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1) well underway, Iran is preparing to open a new chapter in its foreign relations just as it did in the aftermath of the Iraq-Iran war. What comes next for Iran is the crucial […]