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Other libraries

Books not held at the Library

  • Search for books held in Universities in London and the South-East by using the InforM25 service. Most other University of London libraries allow reference (non-borrowing) access. For further details on arrangements see our Using other Libraries webpage. The Library of the Institute for the Study of the Americas specialises in the collection of Latin American material.
  • Find out about books in the main UK research libraries (including the British Library, and Cambridge and Oxford Universities) by using the COPAC catalogue.

Journals not held at the Library

  • If LSE does not have the printed or electronic version of a journal then you can check to see if other libraries have it using the Union List of Serials (University of London Colleges) or COPAC (British Library and other research universities across the UK).
  • Use the Inter-Library Lending system for journal articles that you cannot easily get to yourself by clicking on the "Requests and inter-lending" button on the Classic Library Catalogue and select the "Request a journal from another library" option.

Using other libraries

  • LSE students and staff can use most other libraries of the University of London for reference purposes. For a full list of agreements see our Using other Libraries web pages.
  • Of particular interest is Senate House Library which maintains a research level collection which covers most aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean, with special emphasis on history, politics, economics, anthropology and literature. (Note this incorporates the Institute of the Americas Library and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies Library) To become a member simply go in person to the Library with your LSE ID card.
  • The British Library holds one of the most extensive collections in the UK dealing with Latin American socio-economic and political issues. Mexico and Brazil are especially well represented in the collections. There are also strong collections of material on the independence movements of early nineteenth-century South America. The Library is well supplied for the earlier part of the nineteenth century in holdings of Brazilian and Argentinian historical and literary items

Libraries with extensive Latin American collections

Senate House Library|
British Library|