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News sources

This database provides access to the full text of newspapers worldwide. It includes a number of newspapers published in Latin American nations. Nexis also holds a significant amount of economic and investment related information. They have in-depth credit reports on companies registered in a wide range of Latin American countries and investment titles providing news comment and analysis.To see coverage, choose the browse sources option and select the name of the country.  

Also has extensive English language and foreign coverage. Emphasis upon business and trade news. No news alerts. Note the LSE is trialing this service and only has 5 concurrent log ins. If you see a log in box on the right handside of the screen you are not properly logged in. Try again later! 

Latin News Daily| 
This electronic resource contains a report of news every weekday from Latin America. There is a main update on an important story or issue and then reports from different areas of the country.

Latin American Newsletters|

This site contains a collection of reports and newsletters on political and economic developments in Latin America. It includes Latin America weekly report and regional reports from Latin American countries.

Latin America Data Base|
The Latin America Data Base consists of three news digests from the Latin American Institute of the University of New Mexico. SourceMex covers economic and political news and analysis of Mexico, NotiSur political, economic and social issues in South America, NotiCen Central American and Caribbean political and economic affairs, including Cuba.

Protesta Humana : digital Latin American newspapers|
Provides free online access to a rare collection of late 19th Century anarchist, socialist, and communist newspapers published in Buenos Aires, Argentina including: La Protesta Humana (Periodico Anarquista) and La Organización Obrera (Organo de la Federacion Obrera Argentina). It includes a searchable catalogue of full text newspapers covering topics such as socialism, elections and working conditions. Information is in Spanish only.

Latin News Daily
  • Another two years for Cicig in Guatemala
    Development: On 23 April Guatemala’s President Otto Pérez Molina said that he would ask the United Nations (UN) to renew for another two years the mandate of the UN-backed International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (Cicig), which was due to expire in September.
  • In Brief – Haiti
    POLITICS | First Lady to make senate bid.
  • Mexico approves law allowing foreign agents to bear arms
    Development: On 23 April Mexico’s federal chamber of deputies gave final approval to legislation that, when promulgated by President Enrique Peña Nieto, will modify the federal law on firearms and explosives to allow foreign law enforcement agents to carry weapons in Mexico.

    Significance: The restriction on foreign law enforcement agents carrying weapons in Mexico has been a significant source of tension with the US, especially after the fatal attack on a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official, Jaime Zapata, in February 2011, after his armoured car was ambushed by members of a drug gang on a highway near the eponymous capital of the state of San Luis Potosí. The issue of foreign agents bearing arms in Mexico has always been highly sensitive, however, with the Left in particular claiming that it would violate the country’s sovereignty.